LearnJCU Online Induction for Staff

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LearnJCU is the Learning Management System at the core of JCU’s suite of learning technologies that enable blended teaching and learning.

In this online induction you will be provided with your own LearnJCU Playpen site where you are free to experiment with the various tools and features available in the system. In the first two modules you'll gain an understanding of how to manage your access to LearnJCU subject sites, find key resources and organise your sites. Modules three to eight guide you through a more detailed exploration of the tools for managing content, communication, assessment, and tracking of student activity.

The exercises in this induction emphasise best practice use of the LearnJCU tools by articulating with the JCU Standards for Blended and Online Subject Design. By completing all eight modules you will have successfully built a real world LearnJCU site that demonstrates most of the standards at both Threshold and Desirable level. Checkpoints at the end of each module can be used to review your understanding of key points.

You will have access to a set of Exercise Files which is a folder of different types of media and documents that will be used at different points in the course to help build your subject site. Your Playpen site will be available to you after you complete the induction so you can continue to try new ideas before implementing them in your real LearnJCU subject sites.

Note: The exercises in this induction are based on the default JCU subject site template. Some Colleges employ customised subject site templates with a different organisational structure, however the tools used to build a best practice subject site are the same.


Module 1: Navigating LearnJCU and your subject site

Module 2: Setting up your subject site

Module 3: Adding and managing content

Module 4: Communication and collaboration

Module 5: Using the Grade Centre (The basics)

Module 6: Collecting and marking assignments

Module 7: Creating and deploying online tests

Module 8: Tracking student activity

Tip: Open this website and LearnJCU in separate windows and place them side by side so you can work through the induction materials and see your LearnJCU Playpen site on the same screen.

Icons used in this induction

View iconThe View icon indicates core resources to be read or watched. Resources can be web pages, videos or PDF documents.. 
Link iconThe Links icon indicates optional related resources that provide more detail or additional information about a particular topic or function.
Activity iconThe Activity icon indicates a practice task that must be completed after the learning resources have been viewed. These activities will usually occur in your LearnJCU Playpen site.

The Alert icon indicates important information to be aware of or can be helpful advice such as a hint or tip

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Before you start

  1. Ensure you have your JCU username (eg. jc123456) and password and can log onto the JCU network.
  2. Submit this LearnJCU Playpen Request form to establish a LearnJCU site where you can complete your induction exercises. You'll receive an email letting you know when your playpen is available.
  3. Download these Exercise Files (This is a ZIP archive. Double click on the ZIP file after you download it to extract the Folder of exercise files)
  4. Check that you are running a supported web browser and operating system by running the LearnJCU Browser Checker.
  5. Log in to LearnJCU and access your Playpen from the Subject List module on the LearnJCU Welcome tab. It will be named similarly to the following example: LJCU_IND0001: John's LearnJCU Induction Playpen

If you are having trouble with any of these steps, please contact ithelpdesk@jcu.edu.au