Record a screencast

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Techsmith Relay is JCU’s do-it-yourself tool for creating and publishing personal screencasts.


  • Record on Windows or Mac anytime, anywhere
  • A simple recorder interface lets you focus on your presentation, not worry about technical detail
  • Use the built in Trimming feature to top and tail your presentations before sending to the server
  • Automatically record narrated PowerPoint presentations and produce a clickable table of contents
  • Students can jump directly to the content they need by searching for a word or phrase that appears on a slide or even words spoken during the recording
  • Log on to your own personal dashboard to access all your recordings
  • Automatic email notifications tell you when your video is available so you don't have to monitor production progress
  • Enjoy the freedom of the portable recorder, which lets you record on any computer and send to the server later
  • Easily publish presentations to LearnJCU.

Getting started