Record an eLecture

JCU eLectures provides a digital lecture recording and hosting service as a flexible option for students to access lecture content.

JCU eLectures:

  • Can be recorded in any room with a videoconferencing endpoint
  • Can be accessed on-campus or from home
  • Are made available as a link in Reserve Online within four days of recording
  • Can be published to any LearnJCU subject site
  • Are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for students. 
  • Can be viewed online or made available as a downloadable MP4 or MP3
  • For staff who need further practical advice about booking or presenting a lecture or event to be recorded, please contact
  • For staff who need advice on digital media or publishing media to LearnJCU, please contact
  • For students who require assistance with viewing a recorded eLecture, please contact InfoHelp