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This page provides information and links to policy documents, resources and frameworks that support learning, teaching and assessment at JCU.

The JCU Curriculum Framework contextualises the work of curriculum design, enhancement and innovation within the current higher education legislative and JCU strategic and policy contexts.

Supporting documents:

The 2022 documents have a new look so it is essential for all Subject Coordinators to transfer to the new template rather than amend existing outlines. Colleges and Disciplines may choose to provide additional information to students, or make minor alterations to the format, however the core information provided in the template will be mandatory for all subjects.

Subject Outline Template webpage
Assessment methods and assessment resources webpage

Inherent requirements are the fundamental abilities, attributes, skills and behaviours necessary to complete the learning outcomes of a course while preserving the academic integrity of JCU's learning, assessment and accreditation processes.

Inherent requirements have been developed to assist staff in guiding current and prospective students to make informed decisions for study and access to services, and to guide further discussions.