LTSE Assessment@JCU Academic (oral)

Academic genres (oral) assessment types


A debate is a formal contest in which the affirmative and negative sides of a proposition are advocated by opposing speakers.

Guided discussion

A guided discussion may require students to facilitate engagement of their peers in an interactive process of sharing their understanding, perspectives and experiences, related to achieving an instructional objective.

Oral critique

An oral critique is a spoken analysis given by an evaluator/adjudicator.

Participation – tutorial/in-class

Tutorial/class participation may involve students responding verbally to questions, contributing to the discussion or working individually or as part of a group on activities.

Presentation – in-class

An in-class presentation is the delivery of a formal address to an audience of peers.

Tutorial submission

A tutorial submission may involve students submitting written responses to questions or assigned activities.

Viva voce/oral defense

A viva voce is typically a defense of a thesis or some other project conducted by an oral examination.

In healthcare sciences, a viva voce may require students to respond to a specified case scenario.