LTSE Assessment@JCU Assignment Authorship

Assignment Authorship

Student declaration and statement of authorship

There are two ways to have students declare authorship of their assignments:

  • Students are prompted when submitting an assignment via LearnJCU
  • or if submitting outside of LearnJCU, you can request a student attaches a coversheet (PDF, 186 KB).

When submitting an assignment in LearnJCU, students will be prompted to agree to the "Declaration and Statement of Authorship".

Screenshot of 'Declaration and Statement of Authorship' in LearnJCU

Image above: Screenshot of the 'Declaration and Statement of Authorship' from the LearnJCU assignment submission area.

Declaration reads:

Declaration and Statement of Authorship

This assessment is my original work, and no part was copied/reproduced from any other person’s work or any other source, without attribution. This original work adheres to group assessment rules and was not written for me by any other person. I have not submitted any part of this assessment previously
and received a grade.

Academic Misconduct Procedure

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Agree and Add Content (button)

If the assignment is submitted outside of LearnJCU you can request the student fills out and attaches the following coversheet: