Guidelines for Applicants

Guidelines for Applicants

Australian Awards for University Teaching (AAUT) Award and Citation Programs

The Department of Education and Training's AAUT awards programs are highly competitive, requiring a deep engagement with the scholarship of learning and teaching through the collation of, evaluation of, and reflection upon data relating to positive impacts made on students’ learning and their holistic university experience.

Your evidence must demonstrate sustained improvements for students as a direct result of innovative and inspired university teaching.

Any eligible staff member, or team of staff members, may submit an application for an Australian Award for University Teaching. The JCU Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning follow the same criteria and format as the AAUT citations. A JCU Citation is a necessary prerequisite for applying for an AAUT Citation.

The Directorate of Learning, Teaching and Student Engagement presents workshops for prospective applicants to support the development of their applications. Workshops focus on eligibility, preparing a successful application, and strategies for collection and collation of evidence.


Please check the Learning and Teaching Events list for citation preparatory workshop dates and venues.


The following resources build on workshop content:

Examples of Successful Nominations

JCU has a number of excellent teaching academics and teams who have succeeded in gaining recognition for outstanding teaching impacts and outcomes at the national level. Previous winning citation nominations provide a valuable way of understanding the standard expected for creating a competitive nomination suitable for submission to the Department of Education and Training. In addition, AAUT award recipients are able to mentor staff in the process of developing a nomination.