2011 Sessional Awards - Tanya Doyle

Response from Tanya Doyle, Recipient, 2011 JCU Sessional Teaching Awards

"JCU Sessional Teachers participate in a range of teaching roles and thus are oftentimes at the very forefront of student engagement, hence their ability to influence student learning in powerful ways. Sessionals contribute meaningfully to the learning and teaching community and their genuine interest in facilitating student learning, promotes high quality learning experiences as is evident in SFS.

The casual teaching experience encompasses but is not limited to preparing for and presenting tutorials and/or workshops; lectures; mentoring and group facilitation; designing teaching materials; external/online teaching and marking. In 2011, JCU peers and colleagues nominated Tanya Doyle for the FAESS Sessional Award in recognition of her outstanding contributions to Student Learning. Tanya has been teaching with the School of Education since 2008.

Winning this award is like icing on the cake! I have always thoroughly enjoyed sessional teaching work. The award has provided both personal and professional recognition of my ongoing interest in and commitment to pre-service teacher education. I have worked across the Bachelor Education degree program - tutoring in 1st year; lecturing in the 3rd year and lecturing and facilitating in the 4th year and Graduate Diploma. Of most concern to the students who I have worked with at all levels across the degree, and similarly with the students I worked with as a secondary school teacher is the need to understand exactly what is required of them in relation to both assessment and course participation. Students feel well supported when the expectations are clearly and concisely articulated and modeled. In addition, directly relating course content to the lived experiences of students recognises and values their previous knowledge(s) and experience(s). Sensitively drawing on students’ prior knowledge’s facilitates the establishment of an easy and authentic rapport between myself and the students and situates us co-learners in the teaching and learning experience."