JCU Citation Recipients

JCU Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning

JCU Citations recognise individuals and teams that have demonstrated sustained commitment to enhancing the student experience, curriculum innovations and transformative approaches to learning and teaching.

Recipient Lists


JCU Citation

The best overall JCU Citation will be announced at the Celebrating Excellence in Learning & Teaching at JCU event on 25 September 2018

Division of Student Life

Learning, Teaching and Student Engagement
Kate Sheppard & the DHEP Team: Dr Rhian Morgan, Dr Kristi Giselsson, Dr Carol Conway, Dr Natalie Lloyd, Lisa Moody, Patrick Peacock, Anne Chatelain, Gabi Newman, Trina Jackson, Elaine Charlton, Ben Menadue, Gregg Edmondson, Andy Heath, Kerry Aitken, Lindsay Welch, Doris Pierce, Cat Livingston, Amy Windsor-Laws and Kate Stewart
For  the DHE's unique whole of institute approach to curriculum design, delivery, and student support has consistency ensured sector leading success rates for diverse student cohorts

Division of Tropical Health and Medicine

Cohort Doctoral Studies Program
Dr Melissa Crowe & the CDSP Team: Dr Diana Mendez, Dr Robyn Preston and Dr Sandip Kamath
For providing outstanding leadership in research education including professional development opportunities, collegial networking and mentoring, promoting scholarship and research outcomes with a supporting environment

College of Medicine and Dentistry
Dr Felicity Croker; Dr Ann Carrington & the DV-RRR Team: Amanda Lee-Ross and BDS student researchers
For designing, implementing and evaluating the pioneering education program that enable dental student to recognise, respond and appropriately refer a patient experiencing domestic violence

College of Public Health, Medical, and Veterinary Sciences
Dr Pam Megaw & Dr Monika Zimanyi
For implementing novel approached to engage and support student learning in a first year Anatomy and Physiology subject

Associate Professor Kerrianne Watt
For taking the “aaagggh” out of Research: Increasing capacity of health professionals to conduct, engage with and interpret high quality research to improve clinical practice, through accessible authentic, supported learning


JCU Citation

Dr Janice Lloyd, Dr Kay Eccleshare, Mrs Eileen Fletcher & Ms Caroline Mann
For ‘Less stress for pets at Vets’: Constructing an authentic learning environment that inspires future veterinarians to incorporate animal welfare into everyday practice

Division of Tropical Environments and Societies

College of Arts, Society and Education
Dr Margaret Anne Carter
For Connecting, Communicating, and Counselling wisely: Delivering a transformative and ethical community of inquiry approach in the Guidance and Counselling Program

A/Prof. Susan Gair and Mrs Dorothy Savage
For outstanding commitment to leadership, learning and scholarship in social work education that inspires students and embodies the spirit of reconciliation through working in partnership

Dr Kelsey Halbert and Dr Peta Salter
For enabling teachers as change agents through service learning: Maximising professional capacities, community outcomes and local global citizenship.

College of Business, Law, and Governance
The CBLG Work Integrated Learning Team
A/Prof. Laurie Murphy, Dr Alf Kuilboer, Ms Mandy Shircore, Ms Karina Lynch, Ms Mandy Brock & Ms Marlene Daicopoulos
For a scaffolded approach to embedding WIL in the Bachelor of Business which provides solid building blocks to improving graduate employability

College of Science and Engineering
Dr Tasmin Rymer
For inspiring, energizing and exciting biology students through passion, nurturing and development of fundamental theory and practical skills in the biological sciences

Division of Tropical Health and Medicine

College of Public Health, Medical, and Veterinary Sciences
Ms Sandra Downing
For enhancing the postgraduate experience by engaging students in online learning and embedding employability through curriculum design, authentic assessment, and networking

College of Medicine and Dentistry
The First-Year Social Medicine Team A/Prof. Sophia Couzos, Ms Simone Ross, Dr Rebecca Evans, Dr Robyn Preston & Ms Priscilla Page
For empowering first-year medical students to be person-centred and value ‘social medicine’ as highly as biomedical topics, through blended learning in a competency-based curriculum

College of Healthcare Sciences
Dr Wendy Li
For Action-Teaching: Stimulating active student learning in Psychology through CAR (Concept, Action & Reflection) focusing on discovery, engagement and enthusiasm


JCU Citation

Ms Karyn Bentley
College of Healthcare Sciences, Townsville
For Connecting logic with emotion through imaginative and creative teaching: Inspiring midwifery students to form their own personal philosophy of care.

Division of Tropical Environments and Societies

College of Arts, Society and Education
Dr Neus (Snowy) Evans, Cairns
For Responsive Pedagogies: A three-tiered approach that is responsive to students' needs, supports engagement, sustained learning and success for diverse students across subjects.

Dr Abraham Francis, Townsville
For leadership and expertise in social work education in mental health that inspires and nurtures students to be competent, confident and compassionate practitioners.

Dr Robyn Glade-Wright, Cairns
For ‘Not Your Typical Theory Class’: Inspiring Creative Arts Students theory learning through research-oriented, innovative delivery and engaging assessment.

College of Science, Technology and Engineering
Dr Murray Davies, Townsville
For STEMming the Tide: Using a purposeful and powerful combination of analogies and humour to demonstrate why chemistry matters as a crucial enabling science.

Mr Patrick Higgins, Townsville
For improving student success in first year mathematics through an engaging combination of performance-oriented teaching, meaningful in-class learning and advanced online resources.

Dr Bronson Philippa, Cairns
For enthusing students in electronics engineering with active and authentic learning.

Division of Tropical Health and Medicine

College of Public Health, Medical and Veterinary Sciences
Dr Constantin Constantinoiu, Townsville
For Arming future veterinarians against an ever-adaptable foe: Inspired parasitology curriculum and resources that capture the beauty (and terror) of parasites in the tropics.

The Veterinary Sciences Early Career Teaching and Development Team, Townsville (Dr Sandra De Cat, Dr Elizabeth Perkins, Mrs Blaise Webster, Dr Glen Walker, A/Prof John Cavalieri)
For Developing a sense of self and professional identity: Successfully transitioning veterinary students through intentional curriculum design.

College of Healthcare Sciences
Dr Kerry Anne McBain, Townsville
For engaging, empowering and inspiring students of the tropics by creating a synergy between the theoretical foundations of psychological practice and real world community based application.

College of Medicine and Dentistry
Dr Julie Mudd, Townsville
For inspiring student engagement in public health principles by developing practical teaching approaches for medical students that promote clinical relevancy and real world applicability.

Dr Alexandra Trollope, Townsville
For implementing blended learning approaches to engage and inspire students in the study of anatomy across a variety of health disciplines.


JCU Citation

Dr Sue Devine
College of Public Health, Medical and Veterinary Sciences, Townsville
For championing public health and health promotion in the tropics through authentic and networked leadership that inspires multi-disciplinary health professionals.

Division of Tropical Environments and Societies

College of Arts, Society and Education
Ms Florence Boulard, Townsville
For inspiring the next generation of language learners in the Tropics.

Ms Jo Mensinga, Cairns
For attention to group processes that create a safe environment in which students can explore and identify their own strengths and values.

College of Business, Law and Governance
Mr Neil Dunbar, Townsville
For focusing on the changing student cohort and the individual student’s learning needs to inspire, engage and encourage students to reach their full potential.

Ms Jodie Maxfield, Townsville
For flipping over accounting: Engaging first year accounting students through blended and collaborative learning strategies to improve learning outcomes and success rates.

College of Marine and Environmental Sciences
Dr Kate Hutson, Townsville
For bringing aquaculture to life through a networked, authentic and career-focused curriculum.

College of Science, Technology and Engineering
Associate Professor Wenxian Lin, Townsville
For using Problem Centred Learning pedagogy to achieve high level engagement, enthusiasm and exceptional learning outcomes for diverse students in mathematics based engineering subjects

Division of Tropical Health and Medicine

College of Public Health, Medical and Veterinary Sciences
Dr Ellen Ariel, Townsville
For the sum of the parts: The power and the passion of a holistic approach to virology to inspire students to learn

College of Healthcare Sciences
Mrs Nicole Brown, Townsville
For inspiring, motivating and engaging allied health students in learning by using an enthusiastic and approachable teaching method, clear assessments, and providing authentic real-world experiences.

Mr Peter Hartin, Townsville
For bringing the outsiders in: inspiring multi-campus regional and remote students in the nursing capstone to learn, connect and succeed.

Miss Teneale McGuckin, Townsville
For supporting sport and exercise science students’ transition at a regional university

College of Medicine and Dentistry
The MBBS Home Group Team, Townsville (Ms Simone Ross, Ms Maggie Grant, Dr Teresa O’Connor, Professor Tarun Sen Gupta, Ms Karen Knight, Ms Julie Mudd, Ms Karen Johnston, Ms Justine Olsen)
For the JCU Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) Home Group Program – a unique program to foster student connectedness, academic engagement and success in a regional medicine undergraduate course.


JCU Citation
Maths in Science Teaching, Research and Development Team, led by Dr Yvette Everingham, with Prof. Sean Connolly, A/Prof. Emma Gyuris, Emeritus Prof. Rhondda Jones, Prof. Peter Ridd, Mr Justin Sexton, Ms Tanya Doyle, Mr Shane Blowes, Mr Patrick Peacock, Ms Jennifer Hodge, Ms Clair Stark & Mr Robin Gilliver – an interdisciplinary team
For innovative team-based approaches to enhancing first year students’ engagement, confidence and learning achievement in the use of mathematics – the common language for the natural sciences.

Faculty Citations – Arts, Education and Social Sciences

Dr Amy Forbes (School of Arts & Social Sciences)
For Wired for employment: For leadership and excellence in developing and delivering a pioneering WIL-based curriculum in Multimedia Journalism resulting in highly employable graduates.

Dr Louisa Tomas Engel – School of Education
For enabling diverse teacher education cohorts to experience profound engagement in science and sustainability through a blended learning approach.

Dr Philemon Chigeza – School of Education
For innovation in blended learning application by developing, implementing and evaluating the use of emerging technologies to enhance interactive, engaging, flexible and collaborative learning experiences in second year Education subjects.

Dr Anita Lundberg – School of Arts & Social Sciences
For exciting students to become courageous, connected and creative thinkers for the future through the Bachelor of Arts.

Faculty Citations – Law, Business and Creative Arts 

Dr Katja Fleischmann – School of Creative Arts
For One amongst many: Employing peer learning and teaching to successfully support first year creative arts students’ individual creative development in large class environments.

Faculty Citations – Medicine, Health and Molecular Sciences

Prof. Bruce Gummow, Dr Leo Foyle & Dr Ellen Ariel – School of Veterinary & Biomedical Sciences
For using ideal timing and practical application in small group settings to change perception and motive and inspire students to adopt para-clinical training.

The Intimate Teaching Team:  Dr Paula Heggarty (lead), Ms Poornima Roche, Mr Don Gamage, Mrs Kathy Pratt, Dr Aileen Traves, Dr Roy Rasalam, Mr Torres Woolley, Mr Al Forde, Mr Mangalasiri Parana Hewage, Dr Deirdre Tweedie, Dr Maria Bellei, Dr Bridget Hartslief & Dr Max Stewart – School of Medicine & Dentistry
For Intimate Examinations: Facilitating a respectful and authentic approach to learning that creates confidence and competence amongst diverse medical students.

Faculty Citations – Science and Engineering  

Dr Sharon Harwood – School of Earth & Environmental Sciences
For creating linkages between location, community of practice and knowledge in the planning curriculum to facilitate the development of reflective practitioners.


JCU Citation
Student Mentor Program, led by Peter Hanley, Alan Calder, Josie King, Melissa Mallie and Lynette Rooke – Teaching and Learning Development.

For 21 years of an institution-wide program of student peer support that has adapted to the challenges of, and engagement with, increasingly diverse learners.

Faculty Citations – Arts, Education and Social Sciences
Dr Louisa Tomas, Dr Michelle Lasen & Dr Cliff Jackson – School of Education
For contemporary and innovative curriculum design that successfully engages students in science and sustainability education.

Associate Professor Debra Miles (School of Social Work and Human Services)
From passive to passionate: stimulating students to actively participate in learning about Human Rights through a focus on discovery, collaboration and action.

Dr Cliff Jackson – School of Education 
For designing and implementing authentic assessment tasks that enhance pre-service teachers' knowledge, practice, communication and engagement in science and mathematics education.

Dr Michelle Lasen and Dr Josephine Balatti – School of Education
Connecting theory to practice: enhancing professional learning, engagement and identity in student teachers.

Faculty Citations – Medicine, Health and Molecular Sciences
Professor James Burnell – School of Pharmacy & Molecular Sciences
Linking learning to life: turning large groups of diverse students on to biochemistry.

Dr Roy Rasalam, Clinical Skills Unit Team – School of Medicine and Dentistry
The Clinical Skills Unit provides an authentic simulated learning environment for medical students which increases their confidence and technical proficiency in the clinical setting.

Dr Lisa Chilton, Dr Suzy Munns, Dr Donna Rudd and Dr Laura Willem – School of Veterinary & Biomedical Sciences 
For using authentic scientific experiences and modelled behaviour to ‘research ready’ physiology graduates.

Faculty Citations – Science and Engineering
Dr David Holmes – School of Engineering & Physical Sciences 
For development and implementation of a top-down curriculum overhaul of the mechanical design sub-disciplinary stream, enhancing the practical engineering design capabilities of graduates.

Dr Madoc Sheehan – School of Engineering & Physical Sciences 
Demonstrating leadership and expertise in the development of design tools and curricula that facilitate the successful embedding of sustainability into undergraduate engineering programs.

Dr James Moloney – School of Earth & Environmental Sciences
A rapid increase in enrolments in the GIS program has been facilitated with new, flexible, integrated and streamlined offerings linking the three JCU campuses.


JCU Citation
Dr Paul Nelson – Faculty of Science and Engineering
For enthusing students about soil science through a focus on discovery, critical environmental issues and the application of contemporary teaching and learning principles. Q&A.

Faculty Citations – Arts, Education and Social Sciences
Dr Maree Dinan-Thompson – School of Education
For sustained scholarly activities that have enhanced teaching and learning at the school, campus, university and beyond.

Dr Victoria Kuttainen, Ms Phillipa Anderson, Ms Jenn Burnett, Mrs Kylie Bartlett and Ms Kellie Johns
For an integrated, holistic approach to engaging and supporting students in a large-class setting.

Faculty Citations – Law, Business and the Creative Arts
Dr Anna Blackman – School of Business
For providing an engaging and motivational approach to assessment, feedback and learning support through the use of the instant feedback assessment technique fostering independent and group learning of business students.

Dr Taha Chaiechi – School of Business
For approaches to assessment, feedback and learning support that foster independent learning.

Dr Trina Myers – School of Business
For overcoming the glassy-eyed nod: a lecture/tutorial hybrid to achieve interaction, engagement and instant feedback.

Faculty Citations – Medicine, Health and Molecular Sciences

Professor Natkunam Ketheesan, Dr Cathy Rush and Dr Brenda Govan
For maximising the effectiveness of large-group teaching in an undergraduate medicine programme.

Associate Professor Jane Mills – School of Nursing, Midwifery and Nutrition
For inspiring student nurses and midwives to understand and use research findings, developing confident clinicians who integrate evidence into their everyday practice.

Ms Lynne Zeldenryk – School of Public Health, Tropical Medicine and Rehabilitation Sciences
For ensuring flexible student trajectories through the development of an innovative program that supports and sustains student access to occupational therapy education in North Queensland.

Faculty Citations – Science and Engineering
Dr D’Arcy Mullamphy – School of Engineering and Physical Sciences
For motivating and inspiring mathematics students through enthusiasm for teaching and creating a richer learning environment through engagement using tablet technology.

Teaching and Learning Development Citation
Mr Alan Calder
For developing, evaluating and refining academic language and learning support initiatives that empower students to succeed in their own learning journeys.


JCU Citation
Ms Sharon Moore and Ms Lyn Mackay – Faculty of Arts, Education and Social Sciences
For embedding Indigenous perspectives into the curriculum at JCU through courageous conversations within the cultural interface.

Faculty Citations – Arts, Education and Social Sciences
Ms Beth Tinning
For making it meaningful: participatory practices in social work education.

Dr Reesa Sorin
For the design and implementation of pedagogies that personalise and humanise the online learning environment. Q&A

Associate Professor Glen Dawes
For a journey of reflective practice in developing back and front-stage pedagogies for teaching sociology students.

Faculty Citations – Law, Business and the Creative Arts
Mr Mitch Goodwin
For the implementation of programs and initiatives which engender community engagement and industry relevant assessment outcomes and learning experiences for New Media Arts students.

Mr Lindsay Ward
For creating a highly motivational learning environment designed to engage and encourage students as active learners in developing skills and conceptual understanding in Information Technology.

Ms Rachel Bradshaw
For exceptional guidance extended to students navigating their first year of Law, through pastoral care based on knowing and understanding students’ learning needs.

Faculty Citations – Medicine, Health and Molecular Science
Associate Professor Claudia Diaz
For stimulating multidisciplinary first year students to learn Anatomy for life via innovative, pro-active approaches to improve engagement and learning outcomes.

Dr Rebecca Sealey
For implementing real-life practice to enhance workforce readiness of Sport and Exercise Science and Exercise Physiology (Clinical) students.

Mr John Smithson
The right prescription – blending high fidelity simulation into a curriculum for counter prescribing and communication to improve the industry readiness of pharmacy graduates.

Associate Professor Shashidhar Ventkatesh Murthy – School of Medicine and Dentistry
For technology enhanced cognitive scaffolding as an innovative method for effective teaching of Pathology in a rural based medical school.

Faculty Citations – Science and Engineering
Dr Peter Griggs
For sustained commitment to encouraging and stimulating active learning through authentic tasks and learner-centered environments in environmental economics

Associate Professor David King, Ms Yetta Gurtner, Dr Alison Cottrell and Dr Nicky Moore
For innovating approaches to the development of planning curriculum for the needs of regional, tropical Australia.

Dr Rabin Tuladhar
For engaging and motivating Engineering students to induce deep learning through contextual and multi-sensory teaching and learning approaches.


JCU Citation
Dr Raoul Adam – School of Education
For the effective design and implementation of pedagogies that foster learner 'connectedness' in a pre-service teacher education course.

Faculty Citations – Arts, Education and Social Sciences
Associate Professor Mary Klein & Ms Kerry Smith
For stepping up to a National Curriculum: Inspiring and sustaining the learning and teaching of numeracy through the integration of a structured curriculum and transformative pedagogy in teacher education.

Dr Marie Caltabiano
For integrating 'Best Practice' work models with pedagogy and scholarship to foster desired attributes in Psychology graduates.

Faculty Citations – Law, Business and the Creative Arts
Dr Josephine Pryce
For sustained and enthusiastic teaching that creates a positive learning environment and involves, empowers and transforms students through their learning of management theories and practice.

Mr Sean Johnson
For the provision of outstanding leadership in the development of the Dispute Resolution program by incorporating authentic learning and assessment tasks that inspire students' learning and increase accessibility of the program to a broad cohort of students.

Associate Professor John Hamilton
For traditional, blended and flexible teaching and learning systems research, and for trials and developments across teaching and learning mode delivery approaches.

Faculty Citations – Medicine, Health and Molecular Science
Associate Professor Susan Gordon, Ms Anne Jones, Ms Marianne Bonassi and Associate Professor Marion Gray
For the development, implementation and review of Individual Learning Plans in Allied Health which successfully respect and support first year students.

Dr Fiona Barnett
For increasing motivation and graduate outcomes of Occupational Therapy students undertaking anatomy.

Associate Professor John Cavalieri
For sustained development of authentic and integrated learning tasks which motivate and engage students, and enhance the education of undergraduate veterinary science students.

Faculty Citations – Science and Engineering
Dr Lindsay Harrington – School of Marine and Tropical Biology
For sustained commitment and enthusiasm to improving student engagement and achievement in marine biology through multi-dimensional teaching and response to feedback.

Dr Emma Gyuris
For from tree-huggers to effective environmental professionals: developing students’ interest and skills in, and understanding of the constraints and possibilities for effective natural resource and environmental management.


JCU Citation
Ms Helen McDonald, School of Education
For sustained research informed and imaginative curricula design, assessment and teaching resources that are effective with diverse learners in teacher education programs.

Faculty Citations – Arts, Education and Social Sciences
Ms Robyn Lynn and Mr Peter Jones
For sustained and innovative effort in engaging and motivating social welfare students to integrate concepts of environmental sustainability and ecological justice into their professional practice.

Dr Anne Swinbourne, Tracey Walker and Aileen Sorohan
For inspiring mastery rather than endurance: learning by stealth.

Faculty Citations – Law, Business and the Creative Arts
Ms Katja Fleischmann, School of Creative Arts
For the implementation of a new learning and teaching model for digital media design students in order to enhance real-world learning and graduate employability.

Ms Kate Galloway – School of Law
For outstanding leadership in developing a flexible learning environment in teaching Law, based on critical reflection and in response to evidence of student needs.

Dr Janelle Rose – School of Business
For engaging, motivating and stimulating deep learning through innovative authentic tasks, creating learner-centred environments and collaborative learning opportunities in Marketing.

Faculty Citations – Medicine, Health and Molecular Science
Dr Marion Gray, Associate Professor Jacinta Elston, Mrs Marianne Bonassi and Ms Yvonne Thomas
For enhancing the delivery of culturally competent occupational therapy practice with Indigenous clients through the implementation of comprehensive, innovative and dynamic curriculum.

Dr Suzy Munns
For developing effective curricula which motivate student performance and improve student satisfaction retention in large, diverse foundation Anatomy and Physiology classes.

Associate Professor Tarun Sen Gupta, Associate Professor Linda Crane, Ray Park, Florence Schaeffer and Yasmin Pannach
For integrated assessment within the JCU MBBS program.

Faculty Citations – Science and Engineering
Dr Shaun Belward, Dr Ron White, Patrick Higgins and Dr D’Arcy Mullamphy
For sustained commitment to the engagement of first year mathematics students through passion for mathematics, the creation of a supportive learning environment and the use of new technologies.

Dr Ickjai Lee
For sustained commitment to the engagement of students through a personalised and student-centric teaching and learning framework.


JCU Citation
Mr Clive Hutchison – Faculty of Law, Business and Creative Arts
For engaging and motivating tertiary creative arts students through the sustained development of innovative, industry relevant, flexible subjects and resources that stimulate deep learning within a collaborative environment.

Faculty Citations – Arts, Education and Social Sciences
Dr Angela Hill
For reform of curriculum to incorporate work-integrated learning, reflecting a command of the field of teacher education and inspiring students’ learning.

Dr Stephen Torre
For expanding student awareness of the significance of literary studies through the development of student-centred learning curricula incorporating cutting-edge methodologies in humanities and authentic assessment.

Dr Pauline Taylor
For integrating extensive and contemporary experience in the profession to quality teaching and learning experiences that support and engage first year education students.

Faculty Citations – Law, Business and the Creative Arts
Professor Philip Pearce
For advancing tourism education and the learning experiences of tourism students through world class research, scholarship and service.

Ms Mandy Shircore, Ms Dominique Thiriet and Ms Rachel Bradshaw
For approaches to assessment, feedback and learning support that foster independent learning.

Faculty Citations – Medicine, Health and Molecular Science
Dr Lee Stewart, Prof Kim Usher, Dr Kim Foster, Mrs Joanne Tollefson
For the development of effective, competence-based and practical curricula for generalist and mental health nursing international courses; and development of a scope of practice framework for nursing in Fiji that incorporates an expanded set of competencies.

Dr Tom Mylne
For a broad-ranging contribution to student learning, including developing an innovative linguistics curriculum for an emerging speech pathology program, motivating and inspiring students commencing their university studies, and contributing to the development of a sound teaching and learning environment in the School.

Dr Nathan Swailes and Dr Helen Garner
For enhancing student knowledge and experience in human anatomy within an integrated medical curriculum by addressing student needs, engagement and professional development and implementing novel approaches to assessment that inspire, motivate and promote independent learning.

Faculty Citations – Science and Engineering
Dr D’Arcy Mullamphy
For the development of an alternative pathway to tertiary-level mathematics.

Dr Marcus Sheaves
For developing teaching strategies for optimal learning outcomes in an advanced biostatistical subject.