Learning and Teaching Grants Programs

The Directorate of Learning, Teaching and Student Engagement distributes internal grants for teaching and learning projects annually, where different project categories are nominated each year. Prior to 30 June 2016, the Directorate also distributed a variety of national grants each year through the Office for Learning and Teaching.

JCU Learning and Teaching Grants provide funding for academic and professional staff to investigate, develop and implement innovations in learning and teaching. 2018 Grant applications close on Monday, 9 April.

The National Grants, Projects and Fellowships previously funded through the Promotion of Excellence in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (PELTHE) program from 2012-2016 include:

  • OLT Extension Grants
  • OLT Teaching Fellowships
  • OLT Innovation and Development Grants
  • OLT Seed Grants
  • OLT Strategic Priority Commissioned Projects

No new national grants or fellowships will be awarded after 30 June 2016. See Department of Education and Training website for further information.

Successful Applications / Recipient Lists