Rhian Morgan

Position: Lecturer, Pathways Programs


  • Doctor of Philosophy, James Cook University, 2014

  • MA (Anthropology), James Cook University, 2010

  • BA (Hons), Open University, UK, 2007


Pathways Coordination


Learning Centre, Ground Floor, Eddie Koiki Mabo Library Building 18, Room 041


+61 7 4781 6725



Role in LTSE

Subject Coordinator - CA1022: Learning in a Digital Environment

Research interests

  • Digital Literacy

  • eLearning design

  • User experience research

  • Philosophy of technology

  • Cross-cultural communication

  • Digital ethnography


Morgan R. (2013). Death in space and the piracy debate: Negotiating ethics and ontology in Entropia Universe. Global Media Journal: Australian Edition 7 (1) http://www.hca.uws.edu.au/gmjau/

Honey, T. & Morgan, R. (2013). Technology and community: The changing face of identity. eTropic 12 (1) http://www.jcu.edu.au/etropic/index.htm

Morgan, R. (2011). Ethnography on the cyberian frontier. LiNQ, 38 . pp. 117-130.

Morgan, R. (2010). Culture, Anthropology and cross-cultural training: A critical analysis of conceptions of culture within cross-cultural training programs. Saarbrücken, Germany: VDM-Verlag.

Research grants

Faculty of Arts, Education & Social Sciences - Graduate Research Scheme (2013)

School of Arts & Social Sciences - Faculty Conference Funding (2013)