Group assessment

Strategies for learning and teaching

Group assessment tasks are critical for students to develop skills essential to their professional environments. Online team work can be used for development of communication, collaboration and social skills. Groups of students can be guided to develop something together, or improve their understanding of key topics through debate. There are numerous tools available to support group activities in an online environment, such as document sharing tools, synchronous chats, wikis, blogs, e-mail and asynchronous discussion forums.

  • Online group assessment tools can greatly facilitate interactions amongst students of multi-campus subjects. Wikis, for example, allow students to collaboratively research, structure, re-structure and interlink written and visual content to create a tangible product that can be used for group assessment
  • Academics often hesitate to use team-based assessment due to issues around reliability and fairness of grading. It is important to provide students with clear rubrics and explicit marking guidelines for both group and individual input. Self-assessment and peer review forms can also assist teachers with evaluating individual contributions to the final product.
  • Team quizzes and on-line problem-based scenarios can provide students with formative opportunities to engage with content prior to workshops and tutorials. These activities can focus on relevant aspects of classroom content delivered via pre-reading materials, and may help emphasize to students the practical application of subject learning outcomes

Supported technologies

Group Tools
Wikis, Blogs and Journals can be restricted to members of a group and, when graded, gives all members of the group receive the same grade. Wikis also allow you to view a participation summary for all individuals in the group.

Group Discussions
The group discussion board is available only to group members, not to the entire subject. Unlike other graded group activities, when you set a group discussion board to graded, each member is graded independently of other group members.

Group Assignments
Group assignments can be created and released to one or more groups within your subject. Each group submits one collaborative assignment and all members receive the same grade. You can create a single assignment and assign it to all groups, or create several unique assignments and assign them to individual groups. Only you and the members in a group have access to the assignment.

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