Online assessment

Strategies for learning and teaching

The use of technology for online assessment and assignment submission can greatly benefit students, teaching staff and administrative support providers. Online assessment can particularly improve workflows where students are remotely located or distributed across multiple campuses and a more environmentally-friendly practice is maintained (less paper).

Online assessment can be done through use of tests and quizzes, and can encompass a variety of question formats (multiple choice, multiple answer, hotspot, fill-in-the-blank, true-false, short answer/essay and file) as well as automated marking tools and student performance analysis.

When combined with online marking and reporting, electronic assessment and assignment submission results in significant administrative improvements and faster feedback for students.

  • The online dropbox in LearnJCU accepts a number of different files: PDF documents, Word documents, presentation files and multimedia files however large video files will likely require alternate submission processes.
  • Clear submission requirements must be given to students such as file types accepted, file names, maximum number of files to be submitted and file sizes.
  • Students must be provided with sufficient guidance on how to submit their work and technical assistance should be provided to individual students if required.
  • Online submission allows one student within a group to submit on behalf of all group members. Subject coordinators are able to allocate the marking of specific assignments to individual tutors. Supported technologies

Supported technologies

Assignments (including Safe Assign)
The Assignment tool is a dropbox for electronic submission and bulk download of any file type. Materials submitted via the assignment dropboxes are not checked for originality.

Tests surveys and pools
Tests and surveys are a useful way to test students’ understanding or key concepts, or provide evaluative feedback. A range of question types, multimedia functionality, and feedback options are available.

Self and Peer Assessment
The Self and Peer Assessment tool allows teaching staff to set questions and marking criteria for students to review and assess their own submissions and those of other students

Respondus Lockdown Browser and Monitor
Respondus Lockdown Browser and Monitor provide a complementary solution for reducing the potential for cheating in online exams and verifying the identity of the students undertaking the assessment.