Editing and managing content


Teaching staff can upload almost any type of content to their LearnJCU subject sites such as lecture notes, readings or other non-copyrighted material. Documents such as PDF, Word, or PowerPoint slides can be uploaded as well as links to media such as images, audio, video or links to external websites.

If you have a collection of items (e.g. Readings) you’d like to upload in bulk, this can be achieved by using a document package. Similarly, if you’ve produced your own self-contained website, the site can be uploaded completely as a web package and displayed within LearnJCU.

Important notes about publishing content to LearnJCU

  • Content stored in LearnJCU is subject to copyright. If you wish to make copyrighted articles or media content available to students, these items must be placed in Reserve Online first then linked to your subject site.

  • File size should be kept to a minimum (<10MB) to ensure that documents are accessible by students on slower internet connections. Large media files can be made available on a central media server to maximise accessibility from off-campus

  • Documents should be made available in A4 size and in a common file format such as PDF or Microsoft Office. It is good practice to provide a link to the appropriate document player for the files you are providing (e.g. Adobe Reader for PDF documents).