Learning and Teaching Events

LTSE Events

The Directorate of Learning, Teaching and Student Engagement support JCU staff with training and events through out the year.

Training is provided in face workshops, seminars, webinars and induction programs. Courses include the Professional Learning Series and the Teaching Induction Program available for new teaching staff at the beginning of each semester.

Events Include celebration events coordinated by the Directorate that acknowledge staff contributions.

Professional Learning Series

Find upcoming Professional Learning sessions in the list below. For a complete list download the Professional Learning Series calendar (PDF, 121 KB).

6 Nov 2017 | Townsville, Cairns
Advanced Course Coordinators Forum

This forum embraces new and evolving landscapes as we transition to an upgraded Learning Management System (LMS) and seek to better utilise curriculum mapping data and engage team members purposefully in a whole of course assessment (re)design process.

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