Clearing your web browser’s cache

Clearing your browser’s cache occasionally is a good preventative measure to avoid problems with pages displaying or updating correctly.

Internet Explorer 9

  1. Once your browser is open, click the Tools icon and select Internet Options.

  2. Make sure the General tab is selected.

  3. Under "Browsing History" click "Delete…"

  4. In the new window, tick the “Temporary Internet Files” checkbox

  5. Click the Delete button

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Once your browser is open, right-click on a blank area above the address bar and from the context menu choose “Menu bar” to display the menus

  2. From the Tools menu choose “Clear Recent History” and from the “Time range to clear” pulldown select “Everything”

  3. In the “Details” pull down arrow make sure that "Cache" is checked.

  4. Click the Clear Now button

Google Chrome

  1. Once your browser is open, click the “Customise and Control Google Chrome” icon and select “History”

  2. Click “Clear Browsing Data” and from the “Obliterate the following items from” pulldown select “From the beginning of time”

  3. Make sure the “Empty the Cache” checkbox is selected

  4. Click the Clear Browsing Data button

Safari 5.x (Mac)

  1. Once your browser is open, click the Safari menu and select Empty Cache

  2. Confirm the action by clicking Empty in the pop-up window