LTSE Learning Design Blended Learning LearnJCU Recommendations for managing academic processes during LearnJCU maintenance windows

Recommendations for managing academic processes during LearnJCU maintenance windows

In order to ensure LearnJCU is kept up to date with the latest security updates, bug fixes and system enhancements, the system must be periodically taken offline. The maintenance window will vary in duration depending on the nature of the upgrade. While every effort is made to minimise disruption to staff and students, it is inevitable that some academic process will be occurring during the maintenance window. To this end, we recommend a number of workarounds to facilitate continuity of teaching and learning. Staff and students are advised to familiarise themselves with the recommended workarounds summarised below at least a week prior to a maintenance window.

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Standard method

Recommended Workaround


LearnJCU email tool

LearnJCU Announcements tool

Staff: Email whole class using subject email aliases available from ClassLists (Staff Online)

Students: Service not available

Accessing subject documents (Lecture notes, readings, subject outline etc)

Direct access via LearnJCU

Staff: Notify students in advance to download any materials they may require during the outage

Students: Check your LearnJCU subject sites ahead of the outage periods and download any subject materials you will require for the week of the outage.

Accessing PebblePad content

Access either via LearnJCU or direct login

Staff and Students:Direct login only at

Accessing YourJCU surveys

Access via the Feedback tab in LearnJCU

Staff: Students can access directly from the link included in their invitational emails that notify them when a survey is available.

Students: You can complete the YourJCU surveys using the URL contained in your reminder email.

Entering assessment data into the Grade Centre

Direct access via LearnJCU

Staff: Download Grade Centre as a spreadsheet, enter grades offline, upload spreadsheet to update the Grade Centre. Additional help.

Students: Not applicable

Submitting assessment through the Assignment tool

Submit assessment via Assignment dropboxes in LearnJCU subject sites

Staff: Submit assignments via email; or Submit printed copy only (College decision)

Students: Ask your subject lecturer about the preferred way to submit assessment.