Grade Centre


The Grade Centre allows teaching staff to record, organise and display assessment data such as scores and grades for all students in a subject and also provide feedback to students. Students can access their own grades using the My Grades tool.

The Grade Centre automatically records students’ grades and attempts for quizzes and surveys, as well as submissions for assignments. Staff can also add columns to present grades for in-class activities (e.g: oral presentations), written assignments, project work and so on.

It is possible to weight grades by item or category of items, depending on staff preference. Grades may also be downloaded or uploaded for student record management and/or for analysis using Excel.

grade centre screen shot

The Grade Centre is organised like a spreadsheet with students listed in rows running alphabetically from top to bottom with columns representing information about the student (e.g. Last name, First name, Username, Student ID, Availability, Last Access), assessment items, or calculated information such as weightings and totals.