Merging subject sites


Merging creates a single site from two (or more) individual subject sites. A merged site provides a common set of content and a shared online space for all students in the constituent subjects. The original sites are no longer accessible after a merge.

Implications to consider

  • Where you have multiple sites with identical content (e.g. Cairns and Townsville availabilities), a merged site means you have a single common set of materials to manage and update. However, if you do wish to make materials selectively available to groups of students in a merged site, you would need to manually create student groups, create folders and make them available to the groups using Adaptive Release.

  • Merging sites effectively creates a single large class so communicating with all students in the group becomes easier. However, if you do want to email students from the original subject groupings you would need to manually create new groups in the merged site to enable selective communication.


Materials from the original sites are not retained in the merged site. For this reason you should:

  • Request a merge before adding materials to the original site

  • Obtain approval from other staff teaching the subject and acknowledge this on the request form.