Review status


When you enable review status for an item, you can check who has reviewed the item, and you can use review status as adaptive release criteria. Students can use review status to keep track of their progress, especially if students review content in a non-linear fashion. For students, a Mark Reviewed link appears with the item in the course area. After reviewing the item, students click the link to mark it Reviewed. You can check the item's review status on the User Progress page. Review Status can be enabled for any individual content item or folder.

How to enable Review Status

  1. Change Edit Mode to ON and access an item's contextual menu.

  2. Click Set Review Status.

  3. On the Review Status page, click Enable. To turn off review status, click Disable.

  4. Click Submit. In the lecturers’ view, Enabled: Review appears following the content item’s title as shown below

Review status