Setting up your subject site


LearnJCU subject and community sites are provided with a default JCU template that can be personalised.

The names of links on the left menu in the basic template are recommended as they provide students with a consistent way of finding their way through LearnJCU subject sites. You can, however, choose to remove links to content and tools that are not relevant to your subject; customise some elements of your site such as the colour and style of your left menu; add a graphical banner for your site or change the default entry point.

Subject lecturers can also choose to temporarily make a subject site ‘unavailable’ so that it is not visible to enrolled students until a member of teaching staff has made it available at the beginning of the Study Period. We recommend you advise students via email when you make the site ‘unavailable’.

It is also important to ensure that the materials in your subject site are accessible over a low bandwidth internet connection and that students are provided with information about the software required to view the materials.

Best practice recommendations

How do I …?



Add a banner

Control Panel > Customisation > Style > Select Banner
(Browse for an image file* and Submit)

Change the menu style

Control Panel > Customisation > Style > Select Menu Style
(Select your preferred background and text colour and Submit)

Change the menu links

To add an item click the + icon above the site menu, name your item, check Available to Users, then Submit

To remove an item click the menu next to the item to be removed, choose Hide Link (temporary) or Delete (permanent)

To rename an item click the menu next to the item to be renamed, choose Rename Link

Change the site entry point

Control Panel > Customisation > Style > Select Course Entry Point
(Select entry point from pulldown and Submit)

Change the site availability

Control Panel > Customisation > Properties > Set Availability
(Select Yes or No then Submit)

* Blackboard recommends an image 480x80 in PNG format with a transparent background.