Tests, surveys and pools


Online tests and surveys provide a simple yet powerful way to obtain feedback on student performance and opinions.

An online test can be used to:

  • Provide you and your students with feedback on their progress

  • Assist you and your students identify student misconceptions or difficulties with the material

  • Help students keep up-to-date with the pace of the lectures

  • Provide students the opportunity to practice and review their skills and knowledge

  • Save you time on marking and providing individual feedback to students.

An Online Survey is an efficient way to collect information when you don’t need or don’t want specific names attached to the results such as in a poll or informal evaluation. Survey responses are recorded anonymously and a simple checkmark (rather than a grade) is placed in the Grade Centre next to the name of students who have completed the survey.

A Question Pool is a group of questions that can be used to populate a test or survey. Pools are particularly useful if you have questions that you want to reuse in several tests and surveys. No point value is assigned to the question until it is used in a test.

Question types

A variety of question types are available including the popular multiple choice, multiple answer, hotspot, fill-in-the-blank, true-false, and short answer/essay as well as a file upload question type.

Find out more about LearnJCU Question Types

Some features of online tests and surveys

  • Questions and answers can contain or link to rich media resources such as YouTube videos or streamed media

  • Question pools can be built to provide a portable bank of questions that can be imported into any test or survey

  • Questions can be categorised and assigned a level of difficulty, topic or keyword to allow customised deployment of tests

  • Student feedback can be provided generically as a response to a given question or specifically for each possible student response

  • The results of online assessments are recorded and collated automatically in the Grade Centre (except for short answer/essay questions, which need to be marked by teaching staff).


Quick Tips


Recommended Tools

  • i-Learn Test Generator (BYU – Idaho Academic Technology Services) Recommended
    This tool was developed to help you create tests, surveys or pools for Blackboard. Type or paste your questions into the text area and click the Save as text file button. This will produce a text file that you can be imported into LearnJCU as a test, survey or pool using the Upload Questions function.

  • Blackboard Quiz Generator (College of Southern Idaho)
    This tool was developed to help you create question pools for Blackboard. Type or paste your questions into the text area and click the Create Quiz button. This will produce a zip file that you can import into the Pool Manager in LearnJCU.