User Progress


You can check whether students can access your content items. If you made a content item unavailable, the User Progress page indicates that the item is not visible to users. The User Progress page also lists adaptive release rules that affect the visibility of an item. If you enable review status for an item, you can check which students have reviewed it and when.

How to check user progress

  1. Change Edit Mode to ON and access an item's contextual menu.

  2. Click User Progress.

  3. On the User Progress page, sort a column by clicking its title. For example, you can sort the Reviewed column to see who has not reviewed an item.

  4. When you finish the review, use the orientation bar to navigate to a previous page.

User progress

An open eye icon in the Visibility column indicates the item is visible to users. An eye with a slash icon indicates the item is not visible to users because of an adaptive release rule or the item’s availability settings.

A check mark in the Reviewed column indicates the item has been reviewed and the student has clicked the item’s Mark Reviewed link. A circle with no check mark indicates the item has not been reviewed.