LTSE Learning Design Blended Learning LearnJCU Teaching with LearnJCU Why use Reserve Online to make copyright works available in LearnJCU?

Why use Reserve Online to make copyright works available in LearnJCU?

The Library provides a centralised service for the submission, processing, production and copyright management of subject materials such as readings from books and journals, to be made available online.

Submitted materials will be made available via Reserve Online and can also be accessed from LearnJCU. The University provides this centralised service to minimise the risk of copyright infringement across the University, and for this reason all electronic copying of copyright materials intended to be made available online for subject must be processed through Reserve Online.

All readings will include a copyright notice as required by the Copyright Act, and authorised access will be restricted to students and staff of the University.

If you have negotiated special conditions for access to any material please discuss this with the relevant Library staff.

The Copyright Act and our license agreements specify what staff can and cannot do in making copyright works available online in LearnJCU and Reserve Online for teaching purposes. A work is made available online when it is uploaded onto a server in a form which can be accessed. Therefore, if a work is on two servers this is counted as two communications of the same work and may be a copyright infringement. Providing a hyperlink from LearnJCU to a work loaded onto the Reserve Online server or on the digital media server is only one communication, as a hyperlink is not a communication. During a copyright audit, all communications must be recorded and counted.

Important note:
If you currently have copyright material stored directly in LearnJCU or on Divisional, College or other web servers, these materials should be transferred to Reserve Online without delay.

Help is available to assist with this transition.

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