At JCU, an ePortfolio refers to an electronically stored collection (or archive) of a student’s experiences, achievements and artefacts, together with their reflections on learning.

There are many different potential purposes for ePortfolios, so clarity is needed about the reasons to introduce ePortfolio-based learning activities into the curriculum.

In the academic context, an ePortfolio may assist learners with their personal development by providing a single, organised repository from which they may:

  • Develop an holistic overview of their learning/experiences/development beyond individual subjects/classes
  • Understand their learning and experience in terms of graduate attributes and employability skills
  • Extract evidence to represent their learning and achievements, for example to develop selection criteria responses
  • Identify skills gaps through review of and reflection on their ePortfolio content, and
  • Plan and set personal development targets.

ePortfolios can assist educators to gain deeper, more rounded insights into students, enabling the provision of rich individualised academic advice.

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At JCU, PebblePad is a supported resource that can be used to generate and manage an ePortfolio.