PebblePad Essentials


Pebble+ is the Personal Learning Space that provides students with a space to record and make sense of learning experiences, both academic and personal. Records of learning become assets which can be combined in personalised presentations such as an e-portfolio to reflect growth, knowledge and capability over time.


ATLAS is the part of PebblePad used for organising and supporting assessment and feedback. It can be used by teachers to organise students into groups, provide resources for completing assessment tasks, set up Assignments where students can submit their work and provide informal and formal feedback on submitted assets.


  • An asset is anything you create in Pebble+ or upload to Pebble+
  • Assets are typically records of student learning, achievements or aspirations
  • Assets can be tagged with keywords to make them searchable and discoverable
  • They can be structured (e.g. plans, experiences, reflections, talents) or freeform (e.g. posts)
  • Can be collected and presented for a particular purpose (eg. employment e-portfolio)
  • Can be private, shared with others, or shared with the world (published to the web)


  • Are fillable web pages (templates) or collections of fillable web pages (workbooks) built to support a particular learning task
  • Templates and workbooks are typically created by teachers and made available to students to complete over time as a record of learning development and achievement (eg. clinical placement log)


  • A space created when a LearnJCU subject site is linked to PebblePad
  • Used for managing students’ PebblePad activity in a subject
  • Used for making resources available to students to support a particular activity
  • Used for viewing submitted assessment, giving feedback and grading.
  • Accessible only to its managers and members