Learning and Teaching Systems

Parts of the system

PebblePad consists of two areas:


When you want to use PebblePad for assessment you can use ATLAS to create a workspace for your subject. A workspace connects your LearnJCU subject site to PebblePad and can be can be used to provide resources to students, submit assessment (eg. a webfolio) and provide feedback. Students access workspace via the ATLAS link in your LearnJCU subject site's Tools area. 



Your personal space where assets are created, organised, presented, shared and published


Why would I used PebblePad?

  • Configure and manage the workspace for your subject

  • Make assets and resources available to students on the workspace

  • Comment, feedback on and grade assessment submitted by students

  • Create conversations (discussions) for members on the workspace

  • Access information and resources provided by the teacher relevant to a set learning task

  • View comments, feedback and grades on submitted assessment

  • Participate in conversations with members of the workspace

  • Create assets (e.g. documents) and resources (e.g. templates and workbooks) to support a learning task

  • Tag assets and resources with keywords relevant to the task

  • Create feedback templates

  • Record plans, experiences, reflections and talents using structured templates or create freeform posts

  • Upload files such as documents and images

  • Tag assets with personally meaningful keywords

  • Bring assets together and present them as an ePortfolio, blog, activity log or CV

  • Share and publish assets

  • Submit assets and completed forms for assessment