Help for staff

Learn how to use PebblePad for as a teaching, learning and assessment tool in your subject.

Creating a PebblePad Workspace
The most efficient way to integrate PebblePad as a teaching and learning tool in your subject is to create a PebblePad workspace and link it to your LearnJCU subject site.

Managing a PebblePad Workspace
As a workspace manager you can configure your workspace so that it matches the the intended activity.

Making resources available to students
Resource can be fillable web pages (templates or workbooks) or documents, files or web links that can be made available to students to support a learning task.

Managing assessment and feedback in ATLAS
Learn how to use ATLAS to view and grade student assessment and send feedback via PebblePad and LearnJCU.

Examples of Pebble+ use at JCU 
Local examples of PebblePad use as an ePortfolio at JCU.