Create a simple asset in Pebble+

Pebble+ has a number of preset templates that help you record different aspects of your learning.

Add New menu

You can access these from the Add New menu in Pebble+

Example: Create a Reflective Journal entry

A reflective journal entry is a good way to capture your thoughts in a consistent way. To create a Reflective Journal Entry:

  1. Log into Pebble+

  2. From the Add New menu select Reflection > Journal Entry

Journal entry

  1. Click the Title field and give your journal entry a meaningful title

  2. Click the About This Entry field and provide some information about the experience on which you are reflecting

  3. Click the Reflection field and type your reflection about what was memorable or useful about the event

reflective journal

  1. Click the Save this Asset icon on the title bar of your Journal Entry window to save the asset to your asset store.

  2. You can find your journal entry by going to View > Assets > By Me.

View assets

Hint: You can edit the asset at any time by going to View > Assets > By Me. Select the asset then click the Edit button to update any of the fields. Save the asset again to update it.

Find out more…

Check out the other types of assets you can create.

  • Posts
    Post allows you to create a freeform post that can be saved as a single asset or be added to other collections such as a Blog or Activity Log. Anything from a simple thought containing a short textual snapshot through to a rich record including video or images can be added.

  • Files
    You can upload a wide range of file types into Pebble+ including documents, presentations, images and videos.

  • CV items
    You can add personal, professional, and academic information to Pebble+ that you can then draw upon to create one or more CVs.

  • P.E.R.T
    P.E.R.T is an acronym for the four categories of records you can create using Templates in Pebble+: Plan, Experience, Reflection and Talent.