Format and link text in a Pebble+ asset

When you type text into a PebblePad template or update text in any of your existing assets, it is possible to highlight the text as you might in a Word document to enable some basic formatting and linking options.




Bold text


Italic text


Select font colour

header style

Set header style and alignment of text, select font size (8-22), subscript and superscript.

asset link

Link to another asset in your asset store - Opens asset store to select item

resource link

Link to a template in your Resource Centre - Opens Resource Centre to select item

inter asset link

Inter asset link - link to another page within a webfolio or workbook (Note: this option only appears when in edit mode in a webfolio or workbook)

web link

Link to a web page - Opens an area where you can type or paste a web address

email link

Email link - Opens an area where you can type or paste an email address


Undo - Returns your text to the original formatting prior to any recent changes.

Example: Create a hyperlink

Linking to an external web site is a good way to include additional information to exemplifies or enhances your text

  1. Log into Pebble+

  2. Select and open an asset from your asset store (or use the Add New menu to create a new asset)

  3. Highlight the word(s) you wish to hyperlink and click the Web link icon. A URL box will pop up.

  4. In the URL box type or paste the address of the external web site then click the blue tick icon

  5. Click the Save this Asset icon on the title bar. You can now preview your asset to test the hyperlink.

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