Managing your PebblePad workspace


Workspaces are managed in ATLAS by accessing your Dashboard. If you have created a workspace or have been otherwise added as a manager of a workspace you will have both a Member’s Dashboard and a Manager’s Dashboard.

To access your dashboard simply click the ATLAS icon link in your LearnJCU subject site.

Your Dashboard


Managing your Workspace

In the Workspaces I am managing panel you can go to any of the workspaces you are managing by clicking the workspace title or the green arrow next to the title. It will open showing the five main page tabs in blue and the grey Management tab. Click on the Management tab to open the management tools

Management tools




Workspace title and description | Add a Usage Statement | Choose the workspace pages (About, Submissions, Resources, Community, Conversations) that are displayed to members | Manage group subscriptions (Self enrol or manual).

Find out more about Settings…


Add a ‘Welcome’ message and/or explain the structure of the workspace | Add hyperlinks to other pages | Display an existing Asset

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Set deadlines for an assignment | Set the number of submissions per users | Set the type of submissions (e.g. Word docs only) | Grant extensions | Pause and assignment | Stop an assignment

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Add or remove members or a batch or members  (usually students) if they were not synchronised from your LearnJCU site | Create a member group | Modify permissions of members

Find out more about Members…


Add a manger or batch of managers (usually lecturers, tutors or supervisors) if they were not synchronised from your LearnJCU site | Modify or personalise their permissions

Find out more about Managers…


Create an External Examiner | Modify their permissions (Note: Reserved for external moderators or assessors; does not grant full PebblePad access)

Find out more about Externals…


Create smaller groupings of students (e.g. by location) | Assign roles and permissions for tutors and students

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Edit Feedback Settings (e.g. when to release feedback; enabling grades; enabling comments) | Set up Feedback Statements, Approval Statements, Capability Settings, or Feedback Templates to facilitate the provision of comments and feedback by assessors.

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Contains a complete time and date stamped history of workspace transactions

Find out more about Logs…


Generate a variety of reports about the work and activity on the workspace. Reports can include an overview of answers and evidence given on templates, workbooks or feedback templates, grade exports, and members who have not yet submitted.

Activating your workspace

If you have created a workspace and left it in Setup mode, it must be activated before students can see and use the workspace.

To activate a workspace:

  1. Click the ATLAS link in your LearnJCU subject site to display your PebblePad dashboard

  2. In the Workspaces I am managing panel select the Setup tab to display all the workspaces inSetup mode

  3. Click on the green Activate button that appears in the top right corner when you are in workspace Management.

Activate workspace

The workspace will then appear in the dashboard of all members and managers.