Tag an asset in Pebble+

Tags are labels you can attach to your assets to help you to search and organise, and to find related assets. For example, you might add a particular tag to all the assets you create relating to a project you are involved.

You can add multiple tags to a single asset if it relates to more than one context or theme. This enables the one asset to appear in different searches and collections based on the tags it has been given.

Example: Add tags to an activity asset

Assets tags can be created directly in the Asset store by selecting an asset then clicking the Organise button at selecting Tag from the pop up menu.

Tags can also be created by editing an asset then click the tag icon on the bottom right of the asset window


  1. Open an asset from the asset store and click the tag icon.

  2. Type your keywords into the Tag pop up window and press Enter/Return to save the tag.

tag popup
Click the ‘X’ to the right of a tag to remove it.

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