PebblePad v5


The Pebble+ part of PebblePad has been updated to Pebble+ v5 with a new, intuitive interface that gives a clutter-free experience and puts everything at your fingertips. Pebble+ is your private, secure personal online learning space. In Pebble+ you can create records of learning, experience and achievement. Structured resources are on hand to prompt and guide you. Once completed and coloured with your experience and reflections they become rich assets for showcasing your knowledge, skills and attributes.

How to use PebblePad

  Pebble+ Home
Need a run-through of Pebble+ home? Pebble+ home will get you where you need to be, quickly. 
  Navigating PebblePad
Learn how to toggle between products and use the burger menu to get around the system easily.
The Important Stuff
 We explain the important PebblePad stuff such as saving and sharing your work for assessment.

Some more simple how-to's

  Templates and workbooks
Learn how to create a resource and what happens when you complete a response.
  Get creative
We explain how to get creative in PebblePad with Pages, Portfolios, Blogs, Logs and Collections.
Sharing with others
Everything in PebblePad is private unless shared - learn more on sharing your assets.

How to add links and format text
Formatting text is a great way to personalise your assets in PebblePad.

Tip sheets

  Using templates and workbooks provided by your lecturer
Learn how to locate, use and edit a workbook or template in PebblePad
  Submitting an assignment in PebblePad
If you're using PebblePad for an assessment in a subject you'll need to submit your assignment to PebblePad rather than LearnJCU for marking
Viewing feedback on assignments in PebblePad
Feedback on assessment submitted to PebblePad can be viewed using the ATLAS link.


Q. How to I access Pebble+ v5
A. Click the PebblePad link on the left hand menu of any of your LearnJCU subject sites then click the Pebble+ icon.

Q. I get a blank screen when I click the Pebble+ link in my LearnJCU site
A. PebblePad opens in a new browser window and you will need to allow pop-ups so that Pebble+ can open. How to allow pop-ups.

Q. Can I take the assets I created in Pebble+ with me after I graduate?
A. Yes, you can enable an alumni account which offers free, lifetime access to PebblePad including the assets you created at JCU.

More FAQs for staff