PebblePad v5 FAQs

Q. Why are you changing to PebblePad v5?
A. PebblePad v5 is a much more reliable and robust implementation of PebblePad that is built on HTML5. The current version of PebblePad requires Flash which will no longer be supported by mainstream browsers such as Chrome and Firefox after 2016. PebblePad v5 will work on any desktop machine or mobile device and provides a more efficient and refined experience for users.

Q. Will the templates and resource I developed for my students in Pebble+ v3 work in v5?
A. Yes, all existing assets, resources and templates will be accessible and unchanged in v5

Q. Will the interface in ATLAS be updated at the same time as Pebble+
A. No, the ATLAS component of PebblePad will remain in the current form for now but will be updated to the new interface later in 2017.