Analytics in Mediasite

It is important to monitor how students are engaging with the videos. Mediasite enables educators to track learner activity to better understand how videos are being used by gathering data.

Accessing analytics for a presentation

  1. Open and log into LearnJCU
  2. Navigate to the Tools Menu 
  3. Click on My Mediasite
  4. Navigate to the video you wish to view analytics for and click the thumbnail to open the summary page
  5. Click Analytics on the top menu
  6. Click Dashboard for a summary or Who's Watching Now for live data

Understanding analytics for a presentation

Analytics in mediasite captures a range of data:

  • Total view count
  • Total time spent viewing
  • Viewing trends
    • Trends are represented on the trends graph which provides a heat map and a line graph.
      • Heat map: Hot colours such as red's and oranges on the heat map represent segments of the presentation which have been repeatable watched meaning viewers have re-watched those segments
      • Line graph: The line graph represents viewers or how many people watched a specific part of the presentation
  • Usernames of viewers
  • Who is viewing right now
  • Browsers and operating system

Note: Generally presentations of ten minutes are found to be the best lengths for retaining student interest. Use the analytics data on your presentation to see how students are using their viewing time. More information on using video resources can be found as part of the JCU Standards for Blended and Online Subject Design.

Analytics example

For further information regarding Mediasite video analytics please or contact us or refer to theMediasite Help Site