Create with Mediasite

Creating educational and interesting video content is a requirement of modern education. It enhances and transforms learning by offering students flexibility in accessing resources as well as increase engagement and success.

At JCU there is four ways to ingest video content into the Mediasite platform.

Upload existing media

If you have an existing video it is simple to bring it into Mediasite.

  1. Open and log into LearnJCU
  2. Navigate to the Tools Menu 
  3. Click on My Mediasite
  4. Click on the blue Create Presentation button
  5. Click Upload Media
  6. Provide a name and description and then click the Select Video button
  7. Navigate your file system and locate the video file and click Okay
  8. The video will upload and process before you are notified via email that it is available

The system is capable of ingesting over one hundred video formats but it is important to consider the size of the videos you upload to stay below your storage quota. More information on managing your storage space is available here.

Note: If you are using Camtasia Studio to create your video you will need to export the file as an MP4 from the Produce and Share menu

Capture your desktop using Mediasite Desktop Recorder [MDR]

Mediasite Desktop Recorder [MDR] is an application for both Windows and Mac. It allows the capture of the desktop and PowerPoint presentations as well as webcam and audio.

There are four recording options:

  • Slideshow + Video | Slideshow + Audio
    • Slideshow detects when the screen changes more than 5 percent and takes a snapshot, which makes it perfect for capturing PowerPoint slides as high quality still images
  • Screencast + Video | Screencast + Audio
    • Screencast captures the desktop as video

The MDR is usable outside of the JCU network.  You can download from the JCU Software Centre or via the 'Download the Desktop Recorder' button in the 'My Mediasite' dashboard. For help installing the MDR contact the IT Helpdesk

If you wish to record a lecture but the room does not feature the Mediasite Recording System Device, you can use Mediasite Desktop Recorder (MDR) from the podium computer.

Using MDR to record a lecture

Capture an Ad-hoc recording

If you have booked a Mediasite capable room via the Web Room Booker for a non teaching related activity you will need to manually start and stop the recording.

  1. Turn on the AV System and select your inputs
  2. Press and hold the red Mediasite control button until recording starts. The red recording light will come on
  3. Press and hold the red button to stop the recording
  4. Complete Ad hoc request form
  5. Your recording will be made available and accessible via My Mediasite

Automatically capture an in-room teaching activity

If you have booked a teaching activity through your colleges Academic Services Officers and indicated that you would like it recorded you should have been placed into a Mediasite capable room. Once successfully booked into one of these rooms the in-room capture device will be notified of which subject the recording is for and who is responsible for publishing it.

Once in the teaching space it is important to:

  1. Turn on the AV system
  2. Be aware of where cameras and microphones are
  3. Check that the red recording light is illuminated

After presentation has been given the system will process the recording and notify the user listed in the timetable that it is ready for publishing.

For detailed instructions regarding creating in Mediasite refer to theMediasite Help Site