Edit with Mediasite

The Mediaisite web-editor is used to make changes to your recording. It runs within your browser and it enables users to:

  • Cut and crop unwanted sections of video
  • Apply fades/dissolves for smooth transitions
  • Chunk long videos into shorter and more digestible ones
  • Insert chapter markers for easier navigation
  • Re-run slide detection to decrease the number of slides in a presentation
  • Convert a presentation to audio only removing the video feed

It is important to note that the web-editor is not designed to be used for large scale editing. It is unable to merge recordings or insert new video content to an existing recording. For this type of editing it is suggested that either Adobe Premier or Camtasia Studio be used.

Accessing the Web-Editor

  1. Open and log into LearnJCU
  2. Navigate to the Tools Menu 
  3. Click on My Mediasite
  4. Choose the presentation you would like to edit. The Summary page will open.
  5. Click Edit Video

Guide: Using the web-editor

Video guide: Top and tail a video with the web-editor

For further information and instruction refer to theMediasite Help Site