Manage with Mediasite

Managing video in Mediasite is done via the MyMediasite dashboard. From the MyMediasite dashboard users can create or upload new videos as well as:

  • Change a videos viewability
  • Adjust titles and tags
  • Manage video security which includes assigning editing permissions
  • Delete videos
  • Manage your storage quota
  • Enter the web-editor
  • Publish videos to subject catalogues

Accessing the MyMediasite dashboard

  1. Open and log into LearnJCU
  2. Navigate to the Tools Menu 
  3. Click on My Mediasite

Adjusting presentation security

The process below details how to adjust the security settings on a presentation to allow others users to edit presentations on the owners behalf as well as how to allow external users to view videos without requiring a JCU username/password.

  1. Open and log into LearnJCU
  2. Navigate to the Tools Menu 
  3. Click on My Mediasite
  4. Find the video you would like to adjust permissions and click it to open the summary page
  5. Click on the 'Security' tab
  6. Click 'Click here to edit permissions' and the 'Add people or groups' section will appear
    1. To enable another JCU staff member to edit/manage this presentation type their full name into the field provided and select 'Editor' from the drop-down list. This presentation will then be displayed in their My Mediasite management portal. Click 'Save'
    2. To allow a video to be viewed outside of the JCU environment without the need for a JCU login type the word 'Everyone' into the field provided, make sure 'viewer' is selected from the drop-down list and click 'Save'. Once this is done anyone with the URL of the video will be able to view it.

For detailed instructions regarding the MyMediasite dashboard refer to theMediasite Help Site