Mediasite FAQs

To help in understanding the function and responsibilities involved in using the Mediasite platform at JCU a number of myths and Frequently Asked Questions have been compiled:

Q. What is Mediasite?

Mediasite is JCU’s lecture capture, screencasting and video content delivery solution.It consists of in-room devices which automatically captures lectures based on timetabling data as well as a software solution for capturing desktops; The Mediasite Desktop Recorder (MDR).

Q. What do I need to do to start using Mediasite?

The way you use Mediasite depends very much on where you are making your recording. This ‘Recording a presentation with Mediasite’ diagram outlines the decisions you will need to make before making a recording with Mediasite.

Q. Will my lectures be recorded and published to LearnJCU automatically?

No, JCU has implemented an ‘opt in’ process with a Review-Edit-Approve workflow. If you choose to record a lecture you will have complete control over the recording, what is included in the final version, and when it is made available to students.

Q. Which rooms are equipped for automated lecture capture?

There are 42 rooms located in Townsville and Cairns equipped with Mediasite recording appliances. See the list here.

Q. Can I record an unscheduled lecture?

You can make an ad-hoc recording using the ‘red button’ located next to the presenter’s computer on the lectern. A long press of the button will start the recording and another long press will stop the recording. You will need to fill in an ‘Ad-hoc recording’ form so that we know who owns the recording and can make it available to you in your My Mediasite dashboard.

Q. Can I record non-teaching events if I’m in Mediasite room?

Yes, you can make an ad-hoc recording.

Q. What if my lecture room doesn't have a Mediasite device?

You can use the Mediasite Desktop Recorder (MDR) to record your lecture by logging into LearnJCU, going to the My Mediasite tab and clicking the ‘Launch and Register Mediasite Desktop Recorder’ button.

Q. Can students see all my recorded lectures automatically?

No. Automated lecture recordings and desktop recordings can only be seen by you in your My Mediasite dashboard and can only be made viewable or published by you as the owner.

Q. Can I opt out of lecture recordings in rooms are equipped for automated lecture capture?

If you wish to opt out of lecture recordings, you can simply choose not to publish these to your LearnJCU subject site.

Q. My scheduled lecture recording are going to the wrong person?

If your notification emails are being sent to the wrong person (eg. the subject coordinator or another lecturer in the subject) it indicates that the information about who is delivering a particular lecture is incorrect in the timetabling system. When more than one person is listed as a lecturer for a subject, only the first person listed will receive email notifications about completed lecture recordings. Please ask your Academic Services Officer to update each scheduled lecture for your subject with the name of the person who will be delivering that lecture.

Q.  Can I have someone edit my lectures before publishing to LearnJCU?

Lectures will no longer be edited manually by the LTS team from 2017, however it is possible to delegate editor privileges to another individual in your College if you are resourced to do so.

Q. What will happen to my old lecture recordings and screencasts?

Automated lecture recordings made prior to SP1, 2017 will remain available for a further two years and will display normally in LearnJCU. After this period, staff will be asked to identify old recordings to be discarded or migrate content to be retained to Mediasite.

Q. Will Techsmith Relay continue to be available to record screencasts?

Techsmith Relay will be phased out during SP1, 2017 and support will be provided for current users to transition to the Mediasite Desktop Recorder (MDR). Please contact if you would like further assistance.

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