Download a mediasite recording

Mediasite produces large, high quality video files that, by default, are delivered using smooth streaming. In circumstances where streaming is not an option (eg. remote areas) it is possible to provide students with an option to download the presentation as an MP4 video file.

What's the difference between streaming and downloading a video?

  • File is delivered as a continuous stream of small segments
  • Stream can be played immediately
  • Stream automatically adapts to the bandwidth available to the viewer
  • Students can view segments of interest without needing to download the whole file
  • Must be connected to the internet while viewing the video
  • Presentation is delivered as a single large video file
  • File cannot be played until downloaded
  • File has a fixed rate of playback
  • Students must download the whole file to view it
  • Must be connected to internet while downloading but can view the video offline.
  • Video is stored on Mediasite
  • A copy of the video file is stored on students' device or computer
Recommended when
  • Viewing on-campus
  • Using a fast broadband or NBN connection off-campus
  • Viewing off-campus with a poor quality internet connection (eg. remote area)
  • Data capping is not a constraint

How to create a download link

  1. Log into LearnJCU
  2. Click on the Tools item on the left hand side
  3. Click on the My Mediasite tool
  4. Find the video you would like to make downloadable and click it to open the Summary page
  5. From the top tab set click Edit to open the Edit page
  6. From the lower tab set on the Edit page click the Delivery tab

  7. Select the Video Podcast (composite) option by clicking the checkbox and select  MP4 video (Download Link) from the drop down list
  8. Click the blue Save button at the top and the system will begin to create the video file.

    Note: The creation of the mp4 can take up to twice as long as the video's run time (ie. Two hours processing time for a one hour video).

How to share download links with students

There are two suggested processes for making the download link available to students. Either as a link which displays in the presentations information tab or as part of a channel:

Share a download link via the information tab on a presentation:

  1. After your MP4 has been created, return to the Summary page by clicking the tab at the top then from the lower tab set click Delivery to display the download URL at the bottom of the page

  2. Select and copy the URLClick on the Edit tab at the top and scroll down to the Links sectionClick on the Links field then type in a name for the link in the Link name field (eg. Video download (mp4)) and paste the URL into the Link URL field.
  3. Note: If the URL stays red it is not a complete URL. Try copying and pasting the full URL again.

  4. Click the Add button then click the blue Save button at the top

  5. When your video is played back, students can click the Information icon on the bottom right of the player to display the download link. The link can be right-clicked to download the mp4 file (ie. Save link as...)

Tip: You could also place the URL generated in Step 8 directly into your LearnJCU site under your Mediasite video if desired.

Share a download link by through a User Channel catalog:

  1. Create the User Channel in your Mediasite dashboard