Anonymous and delegated grading

What is it?

Anonymous and Delegated Grading provides a more useful, robust option and best practice than has been implemented previously by the “Hide User Names” capability to enable anonymous grading and provide a mechanism for subject coordinators/lecturers to delegate grading. This functionality is designed to meet stringent requirements and workflow needs for high-stakes assignments to ensure anonymous grading to avoid bias and to promote reliability by obtaining two or more grades from separate individuals from which a final grade can be established. However, lecturers in any subjects in which grading is a shared responsibility among tutors or other graders, as common in large subjects, will benefit from the capabilities.

For Anonymously Graded Attempts, student identifying information will be obfuscated. The student’s name is replaced with a unique identifier that can be used by the graders and lecturers to identify a particular attempt for further discussion without discovering the identity of the student.

Creating and Editing Assignments

The interface for creating or editing an assignment has undergone a significant update to accommodate new Anonymous and Delegating Grading and to improve the workflow for the creation of all assignments. When creating or editing an assignment, lecturers can enable Anonymous Grading and Delegated Grading within the Grading Options section. Enabling Delegated Grading permits a lecturer to assign specific tutors or other graders in a subject to grade particular groupings of student submissions such as tute groups.

Grading options

Student Experience

If an Assignment is set to be Anonymous, the student will be informed of this fact when submitting the assignment and will when reviewing his grade with My Grades and on the Review Submission History page.

Delegated Grader Experience

Teaching Assistants or others serving as delegated graders will only see the specific Assignment attempts for which they have been designated to grade within existing LearnJCU workflows and interfaces such as the Needs Grading page.

Reconciling Grades

The Reconcile Grades page allows a lecturer to review provisional grades, feedback, and make a determination regarding the final grade.

Reconcile grades

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