Item statistics


Item statistics provide a basic indication of student activity in your subject site by reporting on the number of times they have viewed a particular content item and when it was accessed. You can enable statistics tracking at any time, and begin collecting data from that moment on. If users access an item before you enable statistics tracking, their access is not recorded.

How to enable item statistics

Item statistics can be enabled for any content item or folder and a report can be produced for any student or group of students for any nominated period of time.

  1. Change Edit Mode to ON and access an item's contextual menu.

  2. Click Statistics Tracking.

  3. Click On to enable statistics tracking for the item.

  4. Click Submit. In the content area, Enabled: Statistics Tracking appears following the item name.

How to view statistics reports

Reports can be viewed online or produced in a number of downloadable or printable formats.

Run reports

The report displays three sections of data:

  • Access by Date

  • Access by Hour of the Day

  • Access by Day of the Week

The Access by Date section displays information for all enrolled users. Access information for system guests and unenrolled users (previously enrolled users who were deleted from your subject) is displayed under the guest user.

  1. Change Edit Mode to ON and access an item's contextual menu.

  2. Click View Statistics Report. This link does not appear if you did not enable statistics tracking for the content item.

  3. On the Subject Reports page, access the contextual menu for Content Usage Statistics and click Run.

  4. On the Run Reports page, select a format for the generated report from the drop-down list.

  5. Select dates.

  6. If you do not select users, the report automatically runs using all users. Alternatively, you can specify users in the Select Users list. For Windows, to select multiple users in a list, press the Shift key and click the first and last users. To select users out of sequence, press the Ctrl key and click each user needed. For Macs, press the Command key instead of the Ctrl key.

  7. Click Submit to run the report.

  8. On the Successful Run: Content Usage Statistics page, click Download Report to view the results. Depending on the format you selected, you may be prompted by your browser to open or save the file. Use your browser’s print function to print the report. Alternatively, click Run a New Report to change the parameters for the report and run it again.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long are item statistics retained in a subject site?

  • A. Item statistics are retained in the system for a 180 day period.