Retention Centre


The Retention Centre provides an easy way for you to identify and track the activity of potentially at-risk students in your subject. Based on preconfigured rules and rules you create, students’ engagement and participation are visually displayed, alerting you to potential risk. From the Retention Centre you can communicate with struggling students and help them take action for improvement.

Retention Centre screenshot

What can the Retention Centre tell me about my students?

The Retention Centre works by polling student activity in your subject against thresholds you specify and visually indicating the students who meet/fail to meet your criteria.




Subject Activity

LearnJCU measures the time a student works in a subject using the data generated from their "clicks." A student is assumed to be working with a course from the time they click on something in the subject until the time they click on something outside the subject or logs out. If a login session is timed out, LearnJCU only counts the time until the last click within the subject. The time is not counted between the last click within the subject and the timeout.

Whether they’re engaged: which students have had low levels of subject activity, at 20% or below the average in the last week.


Alert is based on a defined score for any grade or calculated column in the Grade Centre. Students who score above or below the defined threshold (points or percentage) for a specific grade item trigger an alert.

Who’s performing poorly: which students are currently trending at 25% or more below the subject average

Subject Access

Alert is based on the date students last accessed your subject. Students who have not logged in for a defined number of days trigger an alert.

Who’s logging in: How long has it been since students have logged in and how many have been away for 5 days or more

Missed Deadline

Alert is based on a defined due date for an assignment, test or survey. Students who do not complete an assignment, test or survey by the due date trigger an alert based on the deadlines you choose to monitor – all subject deadlines or specific deadlines.

Who hasn’t submitted an assessment item by the due date (when a due date has been set in LearnJCU)

Where can I find the Retention Centre?

You can access the Retention Centre from two places - the Global Navigation menu or the Control Panel.

  • To open Retention Centre from the Global Navigation menu locate your name of the top right and click it to display the menu, then choose the Retention Centre icon (circled)

    Global navigation menu

  • To open Retention Centre from the Control Panel go to Control Panel > Student Tracking > Retention Centre (circled)

    Control Panel