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Troubleshooting LearnJCU access for staff

The names and LearnJCU site codes for subjects you are coordinating, teaching or tutoring are listed on your LearnJCU Welcome tab.

If any subject in which you are coordinating, teaching or tutoring is not listed there, please check the following:


Check your Subject associations in Staff Online

Login to Staff Online > Choose the Academic Staff Information link in the left hand menu > Choose Subject/User search > Click on the User tab

What if...

the subject you are coordinating or teaching is NOT listed in Staff Online?


Log onto the CSDB or contact the school's CSDB Update Officer to check that you are associated with subject in the correct role (i.e. Subject Coordinator or Lecturer)


Check that the details of the subject offering (i.e. mode, study period, campus) listed in Staff Online match the mode, study period and campus of the subject you are coordinating or teaching.

Your school's CSDB Update Officer can make any changes as required.

What if...

you are a guest lecturer or tutor for a subject but the site is not appearing in LearnJCU?


Contact the subject coordinator, lecturer or your School's Teaching Role Administrator to confirm that you are listed in the Teaching Roles database (TRDB) in the correct role as a tutor of the subject.

The School's Teaching Role Administrator can make the required changes.

What if...

you have not yet received your JCU username and password for access to LearnJCU and require access to a site


Contact your School to confirm that your appointment process is complete.

If your access problem cannot be resolved after the above steps have been taken, please contact Please note: All changes to the TRDB will take 2 hours to be reflected in LearnJCU.