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JCU Subject Sequence Template

The JCU Subject Sequence Template is a tool intended to give a birds-eye view of a subject. Through the act of completing the template, subject designers and teachers are guided to conceptualise the degree of constructive alignment as well as the timing and placement of assessments and key learning activities. The template is designed as a conversation starter – to be printed and placed on a table so interested parties can discuss learning design and make informed enhancements.

The visual design of the template can help tell a story about a subject. Are learning outcomes addressed in discrete time periods, or are they generic enough to span the entire teaching period? Are learning activities sequenced logically to build student capabilities and knowledge to successfully complete assessments? Is there enough time between assessments to give students the feedback they need to improve their performance?

Once completed, the template can be printed to an A3 sized PDF, if desired.

Subject Sequence Template (DOCX, 57 KB)

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