Subject Outline Guide and Template

The Subject Outline Template and Guide represent the minimum requirements for all JCU Subject Outlines. A revised version, to be used from May 2020 onwards, is now available.

In order to best support Subject Coordinators in developing their subject outlines, the 2020 Subject Outline Template is available in two versions:

  1. with the compulsory black text only (download file)
  2. with the compulsory black text and Subject Coordinator instructions in brown text (download file)

The Subject Outline Guide (download file) has the compulsory black text with Subject Coordinator instructions in brown text and policy references in blue text. The Subject Outline Guide is a pdf resource for Subject Coordinators, providing references from the Higher Education Standards and JCU policies, as relevant to the Subject Outline’s requisite sections, as well as support resources.

When developing a subject outline, please also refer to the assessment methods webpage or the (pdf format) list of assessment methods. This list of JCU assessment methods is also presented as Appendix A of the Subject Outline.

The 2020 documents have a new look so it is essential for all Subject Coordinators to transfer to the new template rather than amend existing outlines. Colleges and Disciplines may choose to provide additional information to students, or make minor alterations to the format, however the core information provided in the template is mandatory for all subjects.

The Subject Outline Template and Guide are informed by TEQSA's Higher Education Standards Framework and the following James Cook University policies: