Peer Assisted Teaching Scheme (PATS)

The Peer Assisted Teaching Scheme (PATS) is a collaborative approach to developing and improving aspects of teaching and subject design in response to student feedback, and aims to build academic development and leadership capacity.


PATS was was first piloted in 2008 in the Faculty of Information Technology at Monash University's Caulfield Campus.

Following initial success, the scheme was funded by a 2010 ALTC Teaching Fellowship to expand the scheme to all academics within Monash. Further funding from the Council of Australian Directors of Academic Development (CADAD) enabled the scheme to be piloted across four other Australian universities in 2011-2012, with strong benefits reported by mentors and participants, and improved student evaluations.

In 2013 the scheme was further expanded to enable more universities to participate and customise the scheme, with comprehensive resources and support available via an OLT National Senior Teaching Fellowship.


PATS aims to inform and equip academics with skills and strategies to reinvigorate their subjects. It provides opportunities for teachers to share ideas, discuss improvements, and develop future educational innovations.

The scheme brings together teachers and researchers with a common interest in building peer capacity to enhance learning and teaching and the student experience.

PATS is an interactive and engaging scheme, with scaffolded tasks prior to, during and after semester designed to fit into the standard teaching period. Tasks appear in a variety of formats and focus on aspects of subject re-invigoration from four perspectives: self, students, peers and current literature.

Ownership of the PATS process and products will remain with the collaborative partners for formative and reflective use. The PATS process will exemplify and model professional, ethical and collegial behaviour in line with the JCU Code of Conduct.

PATS is aligned with the Core Principles of the JCU Learning, Teaching and Assessment Policy.


PATS Guide 2016 (PDF, 2884 KB)

PATS Instructional Workbook (PDF, 3044 KB)

Task 1 Worksheet (DOCX, 33 KB)

Task 2 Worksheet (DOCX, 121 KB)

Task 3 Worksheet (DOCX, 43 KB)

Task 4 Worksheet (DOCX, 47 KB)

Task 5 Worksheet  (DOCX, 46 KB)

Task 6 Worksheet  (DOCX, 38 KB)

Task 7 Worksheet  (DOCX, 37 KB)

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