Induction for New Academic Staff

LTSE Teaching at JCU Induction Induction for New Academic Staff

Foundations of Learning and Teaching @JCU

Foundations of Learning and Teaching @JCU is a program for all newly appointed full-time academic staff with teaching responsibilities to be completed as part of employment probation.

The program is presented over two days, and offered in face-to-face delivery during Teaching Periods (TP) 1 only. TP2 will only be offered if deemed necessary.

  • Day 1 covers vital contextual information about the JCU learning and teaching environment, including focus on policies and practices.
  • Day 2 includes a focus on learning design, assessment and feedback, technology enabled learning strategies and as well as navigating our learning management system, LearnJCU. The completion of Day 2 workshops is recommended for all new staff, but compulsory for those new to teaching and learning in higher education.

Workshop Dates

The next offering will be in January 2018 - the exact date will be released as soon as we have finalised our calendar.


Registration is currently not available. Further details will be sent to you prior to the workshop.


Foundations of Learning and Teaching @JCU workshops aim to provide newly appointed full-time teaching staff with:

  • A welcoming introduction to teaching at JCU
  • An understanding of the JCU student population and the implications for teaching
  • An understanding of teaching roles at JCU
  • An awareness of teaching and learning policies at JCU
  • Engagement with learning technologies and LearnJCU to enhance student learning
  • An introduction to the professional knowledge base for university teaching and learning
  • Appropriate engagement with the beginning principles of teaching (including planning, pedagogy and assessment) for their teaching contexts
  • Strategies to gather and use information about their own teaching
  • The creation of informal networks of support and professional exchange within and across disciplines
  • An awareness of promotion pathways through demonstrated teaching excellence
  • An awareness of the teaching and learning support available to JCU students and staff
  • Registration

Participants are encouraged to bring a laptop or other mobile device to these sessions. Materials for all sessions will be provided electronically, or by hard copy on request.

Professional Development

JCU encourages teaching staff to continue their professional development by enrolling in the Graduate Certificate of Education (Academic Practice).

The Directorate of Learning, Teaching and Student Engagement presents lectures, workshops and symposiums throughout the year. For session details, see Workshops, Events and Registration.

Further Information

Please contact Learning, Teaching and Student Engagement by email or phone (07) 4781 6133 for further information about JCU's teaching induction.