LTSE Evaluation & Feedback Peer Review of Teaching

Peer Review of Teaching (PRoT)

JCU's Peer Review of Teaching is a collaborative and regular process of reviewing and enhancing teaching practice, aligned with the Core Principles of the JCU Learning, Teaching and Assessment Policy. Ownership of the Peer Review of Teaching process and products will remain with the participants. The process will exemplify and model professional, ethical and collegial behaviour, in line with the JCU Code of Conduct.

To promote academic staff engagement in the Peer Review of Teaching process, eight internal learning and teaching grants were awarded in the Peer Review of Teaching category in 2017. In terms of policy requirements, the JCU Learning, Teaching and Assessment Policy states:

5.17. Subject Coordinators must seek a biennial peer review (i.e. every two years) of the subject’s assessment plans and grading practices.

However, assessment, grading and feedback practices comprise one focus for peer review. See the Peer Review quadrant of the 4Q Model of Evaluation (adapted from Smith, 2008) for other potential foci.

Who is a peer?

Internal peers can be Disciplinary colleagues, LTSE colleagues, Heads of Discipline, Learning and Teaching Chair, or Associate Deans for Learning and Teaching.

External peers are appropriately qualified colleagues in related courses nationally and internally, or industry/professional experts.


Forms to assist the Reviewer and Participant undertake Peer Review of Teaching process

  • Form A: The Review Plan
  • Form B: The Review
  • Form C: Reflection and Action

Single download (DOCX, 104 KB)

More information

Contact your Associate Dean for Learning and Teaching, through the contact page for Learning, Teaching and Student Engagement.

For external peer review projects, the Higher Education Standards require:

5.3.4. … regular external referencing against comparable courses of study, including the assessment methods and grading of students’ achievement … for selected units of study within courses of study …

To fulfil this requirement, you may wish to explore options via the:

  1. IRU Calibration Project
  2. Peer Review of Assessment Network (contact LTSE)