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LTSE Evaluation & Feedback Survey Reports and Data

Survey Reports and Data

National reports

YourJCU Subject and Teaching Survey reports

Historical reports

University Experience Survey (UES)

The Student Experience Survey (SES) was previously known as the University Experience Survey (UES).

Australian Graduate Survey (AGS)

The Australian Graduate Survey (AGS) was the national census of newly qualified higher education graduates. Conducted annually between 1972 and 2015, the AGS surveyed new graduates from all Australian universities, and a number of higher education institutes and colleges, approximately four months after they complete the requirements for their awards.

The AGS comprised a Graduate Destination Survey (GDS) and, depending on the graduate, either the Course Experience Questionnaire (CEQ) or Postgraduate Research Experience Questionnaire (PREQ).

JCU institutional CEQ and PREQ reports are available for download below.

Please refer to the AGS Code of Practice (PDF, 533 KB) before using any AGS data.

Beyond Graduation Survey (BGS)

The Beyond Graduation Survey (BGS) was conceived by Graduate Careers Australia (GCA) as a detailed investigation into the activities, outcomes and experiences of graduates from Australian higher education institutions several years after the completion of their studies.

The BGS, which resurveyed respondents to the Australian Graduate Survey (AGS) three years after course completion, represented the first ever large-scale longitudinal study of higher education graduates in Australia.

JCU institutional reports are available for download below.

SFS Questions 2001-2007

  1. The quality of the learning experiences in this subject was
  2. The interest level generated by this subject was
  3. The explanations given by staff in this subject were
  4. The organization and structure of this subject was
  5. The quality of information provided about assessment requirements was
  6. The quality of comments on assessed work was
  7. The specification of criteria used to assess work was
  8. Staff interest in assisting students to learn in this subject was
  9. The level to which we accomplished the aims of  the subject was

Response key

  1. Completely Unacceptable
  2. Unacceptable
  3. Acceptable
  4. More than Acceptable
  5. Outstanding

SFS Questions 2009-2012

  1. The teaching staff of this subject motivated me to do my best work
  2. The teaching staff worked hard to make this subject interesting
  3. My lecturers were extremely good at explaining things
  4. The staff made a real effort to understand difficulties I might be having with my work
  5. The staff put a lot of time into commenting on my work
  6. The teaching staff normally gave me helpful feedback on how I was going
  7. The staff made it clear right from the start what they expected from students
  8. The assessment requirements and criteria were clearly specified
  9. The teaching and learning experiences of this subject were well organised
  10. This subject helped me develop my ability to work as a team member
  11. This subject sharpened my analytical skills
  12. This subject developed my problem solving skills
  13. This subject improved my skills in written communication
  14. As a result of this subject, I feel more confident about tackling unfamiliar problems
  15. This subject helped me to develop the ability to plan my own work
  16. Good learning resources (LearnJCU, web, labs, other) were provided to help me learn in this subject
  17. The Library provided good access to all of the books, journal articles and other media I needed in this subject
  18. Overall, I am satisfied with the quality of this subject
  19. Overall, I am satisfied so far with the quality of the degree course I am undertaking

Response key

  1. Strongly Disagree
  2. Disagree
  3. Neither Disagree or Agree
  4. Agree
  5. Strongly Agree

SFT Questions 2001-2009

  1. The quality of this teacher’s explanations was
  2. This teacher’s interest in assisting students to learn was
  3. The structure of this teacher’s presentations was
  4. This teacher’s accomplishment of the aims of the subject was
  5. The information about assessment requirements provided by this teacher was
  6. This teacher’s understanding of the subject was
  7. The level of feedback provided by this teacher was
  8. This teacher’s effort to motivate students was
  9. The level of interest generated by this teacher was
  10. How this teacher clarified the subject’s expectations of students was
  11. This teacher’s organization was
  12. This teacher’s use of teaching aids was
  13. This teacher’s punctuality was
  14. This teacher’s availability to students was
  15. This teacher’s use of email and the world wide web was
  16. Overall, the quality of this staff member’s teaching was

SFT Questions 2010-2012

  1. This teacher is well organised e.g. Shows good planning, has material prepared on time, is punctual and structures activities in ways that help learning
  2. This teacher communicates clearly e.g. Is good at explaining concepts and assessments clearly
  3. This teacher is approachable e.g. Is available, within reason, for students seeking help
  4. This teacher provides useful feedback e.g. Provides timely and helpful feedback so you can learn
  5. This teacher appears knowledgeable in this subject area e.g. Seems to have a good understanding of the subject area
  6. This teacher is enthusiastic in teaching this subject e.g. Conveys their enthusiasm for the subject area
  7. This teacher makes the subject interesting e.g. Makes the relevance of the subject clear, makes it sufficiently challenging
  8. This teacher involves students e.g. Encourages active participation
  9. This teacher assesses fairly e.g. Uses clear criteria for marking and sets assessments which are relevant and achievable
  10. This teacher makes good use of available information communication technology e.g. Uses LearnJCU effectively
  11. This teacher is an effective teacher. e.g. Overall, helps you to learn successfully

Scoring 2001-2010

  • Completely Unacceptable = 0
  • Not Really Acceptable = 1
  • Acceptable = 2
  • More Than Acceptable = 3
  • Outstanding = 4

Scoring 2011 onwards

  • Strongly Disagree = 1
  • Disagree = 2
  • Neither = 3
  • Agree = 4
  • Strongly Agree = 5